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There are some breeds that are susceptible to these problems and you may wish to purchase an orthopedic dog bed to give your dog comfort before its too late. Orthopedic
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Cost is another thing to think about when searching for a dog bed. One of the custom dog beds on the market can get up into the high dollar amount
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Durability also matters. Does your dog tend to chew? If so there are beds designed to resist damage from chewhappy mutts. Is your dog an indoor dog or an outdoor
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When you find that your dog is constantly getting on the sofa and making a mess with all the dog hair, its definitely time to invest in a large dog
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The other important thing is to make sure that the bed is big enough for your dog. If you want to pick the right dog bed you need to make
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You cannot be home at all times, even if youre retired or work at home. However, in lieu of being with his master, your dog will appreciate having a den
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Not all dogs are allowed in the house, even in winter, so a heated bed for kennels, garages or the porch can be a necessity in some climates. A heated
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The price varies primarily according to the size of the bed (which in turn varies according to the size of the dog). As soon as you add a designers name