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If your dog likes lying with its head up on a pillow, you may want one of these beds with raised sides. Think about how your dog usually sleeps. If
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Similarly if your dog likes to roll in a ball and tends to press their back up against something then choosing a bed with raised sides would be ideal. Consider
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Raised dog beds are also a good indoor or outdoor option in warmer climates as they keep the dog elevated to enjoy the cool breezes. The Size of your Dog.
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Where Does Your Dog Sleep? Just because you buy a dog bed doesnt mean that your pet will sleep on it but theres a pretty good chance they will if
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You cannot be home at all times, even if youre retired or work at home. However, in lieu of being with his master, your dog will appreciate having a den
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Even with a coat of fur, some dogs still feel the cold, they need a little extra warmth to get them through the night. As your dog gets older, it
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Not all dogs are allowed in the house, even in winter, so a heated bed for kennels, garages or the porch can be a necessity in some climates. A heated
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Measure your dog while sleeping. If your dog curls up, measure your curled up dog at his or her widest point. Also measure your dog from the top of his